DISNEY World trading PIN LOT 50 FREE SHIPPING Hidden Mickey RANDOM Star Wars


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I strive to provide the highest quality trading pins, however these are TRADING
pins.  If you are looking for perfect pins to add to your collection
this might not be the lot for you, there might be slight imperfections
or blemishes.
This is a RANDOM mixed lot of Disney
trading pins.  You may not receive all of the pins in the picture, this
is just an example of the pins in our lots.  We have been avid pin
traders and collectors for many years and LOVE pins!  We know how
expensive the hobby of pin trading can be!  Don’t spend all of your
vacation souvenir money buying pins in the parks!  Save your money and
purchase the pins ahead of time, then trade them with cast members! 
Booster packs can cost $30 for 4 or 5 pins!!!!  We are a smoke free, pet
free home!  We offer very fast shipping, sometimes the same day of
purchase.  These pins are 100% tradable in the parks.

All of my pins come with black rubber Mickey ears backs.Please be aware that
most sets have no doubles but there is a possibility you will get a few
doubles. I try my best but sometimes doubles do get in.

If you order more than 1 set you will get doubles!  

make sure your shipping address is correct at checkout.  I will not be
able to make changes to your shipping address after you purchase!

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